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Hallmark Dark
Stuart Broughton
Great chocolate!

Probably one of the best chocolates I've ever had...put simply!

Bean to Bunny Trio
Sid Bramble

I bought these as Easter gifts and everyone said they were delicious.
Bonus points for me!

Divine smell

Smell delicious not used yet as they are gifts

Birthday Treat

Absolutely gorgeous chocolate! I bought it as a birthday treat for my husband & luckily, he has shared it with me! Beautifully wrapped too! Thankyou!

Bean to Bunny Trio
Lorraine Connolly
Easter bunny

wonderful Easter treats. Well presented.

look deliciously yummy

Delicious dark chocolate!

Husband and I have done a couple of "tastings" of the 3 chocolate bars. It was fun, and made us concentrate more on the individual flavours of them. We both loved all of them, but here's our preference order:
I loved the Ecuador the most, husband liked the Madagascar choc the best.
Madagascar came second for me, and Ecuador second for husband.
Both of us put the Peruvian choc last. It's a bit sweeter than the others, I think that's why I liked it least.
But having said that, all bars totally mouth wateringly super and I hope to buy again. We only eat a few pieces every few days - this chocolate is very rich. Small amounts infrequently suits us well. Though it is hard to resist! But better not to gobble gobble gobble or I'd be the size of a house!!! Delicious, highly recommend.

Another winner

I’m always tempted by the combination of ginger and dark chocolate.
Bullion’s is one of the best I’ve tasted and I’ll certainly be buying it again. 10/10

Ginger heaven

Wonderful texture as you know it will be ..Fabulous combination and the pieces of ginger made it even more special

Mmmmmmmmm. Bullion does it again.

This product is simply top notch. I’ve been searching for a long time for a perfect coffee chocolate bar and I’ve finally found it.
It’s not overpowering, it’s a subtle flavour that is most satisfying.

Hallmark Duo
Sid Bramble
Top quality chocolate

Very clean taste with interesting notes. Chocolate to savour.
I’ll certainly be buying more of Bullion’s wares in the future. They’re a really good discovery.

Hallmark Milk
Kevin C

Beautiful milk chocolate

Truly divine chocolate!

This is a fabulously tasty bar - my favourite of all chocolates now! Highly recommended.

Hallmark Milk
Joanne W

Delicious! I purchased this following a positive review in The Observer. I could quite easily have eaten the whole bar in one sitting. I’m glad I purchased two!

So delicious!

This bar tastes amazing. So often coffee smells good but the taste doesn't live up to the smell, somehow the Bullion magicians have produced a milk chocolate with a strong coffee taste that matches that lovely coffee aroma. Rich, intense and highly recommended.

Gift Wrap
David McGough
Epic & Beautiful Gift Wrap

Such a pretty Chocolate Box with the Gold Ribbon - So Special.

Ingot Advent Calendar (PRE-ORDER)
Paul Cooper
Outstanding artisanal chocolate

We did a factory tour last weekend when I learned about the painstaking process involved in making this amazing chocolate.

Hallmark Dark
David McGough
Amazing Chocolate

The Chocolate Box with the Gold Bow is so Beautiful & 70% Hallmark with Truly Excellent taste notes of Hazelnut & Caramel/Dried Fig is genuinely wonderful chocolate the rarer the Cacao the flavours on the palate are so inviting.

Ingot Advent Calendar (PRE-ORDER)
Mr Dobbs
Bullion Chocolate Ingot Advent Calendar

We love these Bullion Chocolate Advent Calendars, superb chocolate from Bullion's (as always) :)

Ingot Advent Calendar (PRE-ORDER)
Judith Jackson
Great present

2nd year I’ve brought this for my adult daughter who loves your chocolates.
She loves them

Extraordinary Chocolate

Truly Fantastic flavour notes just letting this unravel on the palate is amazing - brilliantly produced chocolate so much care taken into it & the Seville Oranges add a great touch honouring Cacao's journey into Europe.

Enriched 6 Bar Bundle
Elizabeth Hepworth
The best chocolate I have ever tasted!

Made with love and tastes delicious

Hallmark Duo
Sam Sargison
Excellent value

Bought the dark for me and the milk fory daughter- yum!! I love the size of the squares - bite size means I've been able to ration it and enjoy it for longer! Top quality taste, and packaging too as always. Thank you!

Smells divine

Ahhhh! Heavenly!
Almost tasting the chocolate orange 😍 not over powering, as luxurious as the original Bullion chocolate candle. Thank you for creating this!


Hallmark Milk
Stephen Wager
Hallmark Milk Chocolate Bar

Lived up to expectations after seeing it featured on Saturday Kitchen - certainly lived up to the tasters opinions….

Mixed Brownie Bundle
Debbie Carder
Best Brownies

Lovely brownies - perfectly gooey! Lovely selection of flavours, I’ll definitely be ordering again! Delicious!