Here at Bullion we have an overarching belief that the best things should be celebrated, whether that be the growers, the goods, or those golden times. 

With Bean-to-Bar at our core, we take a hands-on approach to chocolate making. Using small batch techniques and craftsmanship, we discover and unlock the ‘hidden gold’ in cacao: the distinct flavour nuances – terroir - that beans from carefully selected farms can produce. As a result, the single origin batches that we craft are strictly limited in number and represent a never-to-be-repeated opportunity to sample the unique notes and aromas produced by cacao from a particular time and place. 

Inspired by the Ancient Maya, who prized cacao and used beans as currency, our mission is to restore the true value of chocolate through authentic food, drink and experiences of exceptional quality. 

We represent someone who cares about the quality put into what they consume and the impact a brand has on the environment. Someone who appreciates the art of craft and loves the idea of discovery through taste.





“I feel most people are barely scraping the surface when it comes to chocolate. The chocolate we’ve come to expect is so far from what it could be. For years the true flavours of cacao have been masked in order to create a product, which is a consistent sweet fix for the masses.

When in truth, chocolate is so much more complexed than that. Different bean varieties, harvests, origins and post harvest production processes, all have a huge baring on the finished taste. So no two bars are quite alike, which really opens up a side of chocolate that many people just don’t know about.

Witnessing someone taste true craft chocolate for the first time is quite special for me. Something they thought they knew, but they actually really didn’t. It only took a bite to realise that.”