The Gold Standard of Chocolate

We believe chocolate should be better. It’s important to understand that not all chocolate is created equal. We’re so used to what chocolate has come to be, we have little understanding of what it could be.

We exist to create chocolate without compromise – crafting bars that are built of the fundamentals that we believe create a better tasting chocolate for you and for the world.


Always made from bean to bar

We’re one of only a handful of companies in the UK, and the first in Yorkshire to make craft chocolate this way. Taking something from it’s conceptual state and taking it through a series of steps to hand craft a bean into a finished bar of chocolate. 

This gives us complete control over the production process, allowing us to bring the best out of the cacao through our small batch techniques. 

Understand that a chocolate maker is different to a chocolatier. A chocolatier works with chocolate to make chocolates, we make the chocolate itself. It’s a completely different skill, and not to be confused.


Sourced with transparency and integrity

We boldly embrace transparent trade to source quality cacao by working with trusted partners that are open with the supply chain. Creating accountability and fostering trust for the farmers, us as makers and our customers. 

 We work towards two core principles:

  1. Know the producers and their farms.

We work with producers who share our obsession with quality and ensure physical traceability and price transparency to the farm level.

  1. Pay quality premiums for quality cacao.

We don’t buy commodity cacao, so we don’t pay commodity prices.


Ingredient led

When we craft a single-origin bar, it’s made up of simply cacao and cane sugar. Using minimal ingredients and small batch techniques – we’re able to deliver a product that captures the unique notes and aromas produced by cacao from a particular time and place. 

Every cacao has a story to tell. From the growers, to the fine flavour. We see it as our responsibility as chocolate makers to tell it.


Flavour driven

Chocolate should not simply be bitter or overly sweet. It’s so much more than that, and it only takes a bite to realise it.

High quality cacao is incredibly complex in terms of flavour. And those flavours vary depending on a number of factors – from the origin, year of harvest and the variety of the cacao itself. Rather than masking and trying to make a dialled down consistent chocolate for the masses. We champion the differences and qualities of these farms and estates, it’s a wine makers approach. No two bars are the same, just as Malbec is to a Merlot.


Free from palm oil and emulsifiers

Better for the environment, and better for your body. We retain the natural fat from the cacao itself.


Slavery free

Farmers prosperity is a key ingredient in good chocolate. Our trusted supply chain partners give us full traceability of the cacao we source. Paying a premium, empowering growers and creating long-term relationships to nurture supportive conditions for them and their local community.


Committed to sustainability

We’re working towards plastic free across our packaging. We’ve been able to achieve this across our bar range, even introducing a compostable inner pouch.