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Golden Glow Chocolate Factory Scented Candle

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Roast day at Bullion is one to look forward to, the scent of freshly roasted cacao drifts through the building and we’re always greeted with the same response… “Wow that smells amazing!”

We’re hopeful that some clever bugger will eventually invent smell-o-vision, but until then this is the next best thing…

Say hello to ‘Golden Glow’, our Chocolate Factory Scented Candle.

Teaming up with The Yorkshire Candle Company, this hand poured, soy based candle is crafted using cocoa husk which is a byproduct of our bean-to-bar chocolate making process.

Whether you’re treating yourself or gifting, this candle is perfect for any chocolate lover looking for a new way to experience cacao.


*Never leave a lit candle unattended.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Noel Lacey

Golden Glow Chocolate Factory Scented Candle

Ellie Bolton

This candle smells amazing! I first started buying them from the independent Sheffield shop in Meadowhall but as I don't go to Meadowhall that often I was very excited to find out I could order online directly from the website! I love this candle so much I've lost count of how many I've bought! I've even been buying them as gifts and have had great responses from everyone that I've given them to!

It's very aromatic..

No gimmicks, it's a scented candle. But the smell is amazing... Not the cheapest you'll ever buy but in my opinion it's definitely worth the price. Manages to fill every room I've used it in with a subtle/delicate aroma of chocolate.. very relaxing, and lasts for ages too.
I will definitely be buying another one in the future 👍👍

Karen Titmus
Chocolate in the air, with a dreamy glow and no calories!

What a truly fantabulous candle tin! The heady scent of buttery chocolate and the golden light from a flickering flame. What a glorious combination!

Lucy Taylor
Absolutely gorgeous

I never thought I would love a chocolate candle , but it’s saved my sanity for this moment In time ,the warm comforting smell is incredible makes your Senses feel soothed somehow 😍
Thabkyou so much bullion( I found the candle in the pop up shop )
I prefer the smell to the taste but everyone is different x