Top 5 Reasons To Do a Parent and Child Chocolate Making Class

Be the first to try our adult and child chocolate making classes! 

Things are really shaping up at our brand-new factory, and we can’t wait to show you around. We’re so excited that we can now take bookings for our very first adult and child chocolate making classes! 

Our factory tours have been a huge success, so we decided it was high time we started sharing our craft and inspiring the next generation of chocolatiers. Once lockdown restrictions have eased on the 21st of June, we look forward to welcoming you and your child to the factory one Saturday afternoon to try your hand at chocolate making.

In your session, we’ll take you through the bean-to-bar process, before letting you have a go at tempering your very own chocolate. You’ll get the chance to make three delicious bars together, using a range of toppings – yours to take home and enjoy. 

As if the chance to sample our award-winning chocolate isn’t tempting enough, here are five reasons you should come and join us… 

1. Learn something new

Here at Bullion, we’re all about discovery. Our classes offer you and your child the chance to experience something completely new together, something that the chances are neither of you will ever have tried before. Our interactive, hands-on classes are an amazing way to get a taste of what life is like for a chocolate maker. 

2. Bond with your child 

We believe that the golden moments in life are worth treasuring, especially in times as difficult as these. A chocolate making class is sure to make a unique and exciting memory that you and your child will be able to look back on for years to come. After a busy and stressful year, this is the perfect opportunity to have fun together and spend some much-needed quality time with your family. 

3. Taste true chocolate 

Here at Bullion, we’re proud to produce chocolate using the time-honoured bean to bar method. We use a series of complex steps to bring out the very best from our beans, creating chocolate that tastes like it was always meant to. This class will give you the chance to understand our complex craft and sample our delicious single-origin bars. 

4. Have fun 

For both you and your kids, a chocolate making class is a fun and exciting opportunity to do something a bit different! Let’s face it, we’ve been stuck inside for a year and we’ve all run out of things to do. Our classes are the perfect way to get out of the house and do something hands-on.  

5. Indulge 

We know what you’re thinking of when you imagine ‘adult and child’ classes – the perfect place for the kids to make a mess, but not much fun for you! Here at Bullion, we’re changing that. Our classes will entertain your kids, but will also provide you with the opportunity to sample our award-winning single-origin chocolate. There’s a bit of something for everyone – a treat for your kids, and a chance for you to indulge. 

Our classes are offered in very small groups of just six pairs, ensuring you will have a personal experience and can really get to grips with our craft. As a result, availability is extremely limited – book now before spaces run out! 

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