Here he is, Casper with his debut pairing – and it’s a corker!


Isle of Raasay Distillery was a new one to us. It wasn’t until one of their distillers, Alex – was visiting Sheffield and made himself known during our factory tour. What we didn’t expect, was him to send a bottle of his finest whisky a couple of weeks later in the post. But we’re so glad he did!


What makes this spirit so special is that they mature both peated and unpeated whisky separately in fresh chinkapin oak and first fill Bordeaux red wine casks. They then marry and blend these together to form a lightly peated dram with real elegance and depth of flavour.


Differing from a full peated whisky, which can be bold flavour to battle with. Isle of Raasay’s approach give’s a more balanced dram that pairs wonderfully with our current Explorer Series origin – Haiti, Acul Du Nord.


This chocolate has been quite the talking point during our tours – with a unanimous verdict that it’s the perfect “whisky lounge” chocolate. With undertone of tobacco and dried fruit, it’s easy to understand why this 70% bar gives “whisky” vibes.


Taking this chocolate, letting it melt on your tongue and having that first sip of Isle of Raasay is something to behold. Not only are the flavours a match, but the chocolate really rounds the whisky on your palate – allowing you to appreciate the dram from a totally different perspective.


Winning Gold at the Scottish Whisky Awards – it’s no surprise why!


If you’d like to try this PURRFECT PAIRING, grab the goods at:

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