From Bean to Brew to Bar

As part of our Sunday reflection series, today we’re looking back to late last year when we partnered up with Caravan Coffee Roasters to release a very exciting product… We’ll look over:

  • What makes Caravan’s coffee so unique.
  • The similarities between Bullion and Caravans process to achieve the craft products we enjoy.
  • How the BRÜ bar was created

After many exciting conversations, in November 2019 we announced our collaboration with Caravan Coffee Roasters.

Caravan specialise in artisan coffee, which is made by sourcing coffee beans from around the world, to be selected and roasted in London. These specialist coffees can be found across the capital in Caravan Coffee Roaster’s several cafes - including in the Savoy on the Strand, where Caravan opened a cafe earlier this year.

In addition to having cafes across London, Caravan is available up and down the country. From the Flowerpot Bakery in Brighton, to the Bullion Cafe in Cutlery Works. Unique blends of Caravan can be enjoyed alongside Bullion’s delicious unique blends and single origins. 

In 2020, Caravan celebrated their 10th birthday and to commemorate the occasion, released a special BRÜ. A vibrant and playful blend with base notes of sweet, roasted nuts. 

Both coffee from Caravan and chocolate from Bullion is ethically sourced. We both ensure the farmers which grow the beans are supported and the process is sustainable. 

 Furthermore, both products undergo a meticulous process. The first step of craft chocolate and coffee is of course making sure the beans are of the best quality, in order to reach the unique, luxurious final products that we enjoy.

Prior to the collaboration between Bullion and Caravan, many conversations were had, noticing the similarities between craft chocolate and craft coffee. As these similarities were discussed, an opportunity was spotted and this is when the idea for the BRÜ bar was born.

The BRÜ bar is a single-origin dark chocolate bar, with hints of Caravan’s Special BRÜ coffee. 

The BRÜ bar elegantly embodies the two brands, from the combination of the two craft products - right through to the hand wrapped, Caravan inspired packaging, paired with Bullion’s signature sticker.

To achieve such a unique, indulgent flavour, we grind Caravans Special BRÜ which are then added to the chocolate batch as it is conching. This approach is taken to achieve the rich, coffee infused flavour with just the right amount that doesn't overpower the chocolate, but creates subtle coffee undertones within the bar itself.

The infusion of chocolate and coffee certainly made for an indulgent treat. If you are in Sheffield, looking for a high-quality coffee, our cafe serves both espresso and filter options from Caravan alongside our own bakes and bars. Super excited about building our relationship with Caravan and looking forward to seeing how things develop between our companies. 

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