New Year, New Origins: 2022

We're back with three new Limited Release Bar origins. After weeks of testing and dialling in that perfect roast, we are finally ready to share them with you!


1) Ecuador, El Oro

You may notice that our Hallmark Range's origin is also Ecuador, however, they are from different regions. Meaning that different climates, growers, fermentations heavily affect the overall flavour of the bean - when you try each of them, you will realise that they taste very different.

All our 70% bars are made with the same three ingredients: Cocoa Beans, Cocoa butter and unrefined cane sugar. The only difference is the bean origin, but more specifically, its region. This process is pivotal in bringing out the flavouring notes in the beans, which you will be able to tell when comparing the two.

When requesting bean samples, El Oro really stood out to us with its intense notes - something we just had to share!

Tasting Notes: 

Butterscotch / Marmalade / Espresso


2) Madagascar, Sambirano

This is first time we have produced a chocolate bar with beans from an African origin, so we were really excited at the result!


Sambirano cacao grows in the northwest of Madagascar. Trade winds and the proximity of a mountain range create a specific microclimate in the valley of the Sambirano River. Giving this bean a really unique taste profile.

Tasting Notes: Fig / Port / Ganache

3) Peru, Ucayali River

Farming communities living along the Ucayali river in the Amazon forest, grow cocoa trees in agroforestry. Once known as a drug and crime zone, farming communities are re-integrated in the society with cacao as a driver for economic development & peace. The cacao represents a balanced profile with pleasant sweetness, nuts and yellow fruits.

We actually imported this bean to replace our Ecuador, Santo Domingo origin. But, we enjoyed it that much and thought we should add it in our Limited Release range. 


The flavour profile is ever so slightly different than the usual caramelly notes. This is due to a number of things, such as the harvest and the way we have roasted it to bring out some more complex flavours - listed below.

Tasting Notes: Floral / Green Apple / Almond

These bar now form our new Three Bar Bundle, which you can purchase on our website. Or, why not try them for yourself on our Chocolate Factory Tours.


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