Bullion Chocolate


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Origin: 70% Haiti, Acul Du Nord

2017 Academy of Chocolate Silver Winner

Tasting Notes (Aroma/Flavour/Finish): Dried Fig / Tart Cherry / Roasted Nuts

Located in the picturesque foothills of the Massif de Nord mountain range, these beans are from an association of smallholder farmers. Together, they manage 974 hectares of land.

Our original signature bar, this is a classic example of a craft dark chocolate. Beans from Haiti produce a fruity, nutty bar, with delicious undertones of caramel. Not too tart and not too sweet, this a prime example of authentic craft chocolate. 

Ingredients: Cocoa Beans, Cocoa Butter & Cane Sugar.

Please note: made in a factory that handles nuts, dairy and gluten so may contain traces. 

2.22oz/bar (63g)